How many times will history repeat…

I was watching a show called Travel Guides and they visited Cambodia.

What got me was the day before we saw on the news, people being paraded in China for not following the law and photos put up with this list, I know my voice may seem insignificant, but I believe many see the same thing aligning.

Now, the familiar seemed to be, people in Cambodia were tortured, twice a day for up to 4 months, until they repeated the words, or confessed to a lie by force.

How many times does history show, Communism doesn’t work, it is inhumane, it always seems to be a power trip, but in Cambodia over 1 million died. And all we remember is this, another mass waste of life, that go on and affect families, that did nothing, to deserve it.

Humans are not robots, history shows, all we do now is come together to show respect to the lives lost. Isn’t maturity showing that, we agree to disagree and if no ones agrees with this particular post, that’s OK too.

Lord how many have to die, you suffered because those in power, knew not what they did. They saw you as a threat and thought, taking you out removes the risk. But, they did not know that you are not dead, you have risen, that you are the son, the king of kings. And when you return to this earth, wow, are they in for a shocker.

Today, people are suffering again, how blinded can power be. The enemy working in them, the demonic realm taking control and trying to enforce his will, through them again.

Lord I pray for freedom, to live the life, you mandated over the lives of your people. I pray for their liberty, I pray that what you did for me and those that have given themselves to you, will continue and not die in vain. I pray for justice, as you said to me that day, “Justice is done on earth as it is in heaven”.

Lord, you took back the keys, I ask you to use these to unlock anything that is causing any harm to those people who are yours and yours alone.

Yes, I know it reads we will come to a point of the same threat, to loose our life or bend to there will. Lord you also say, we will rise again, and live with you for a thousand years. So when will they realise, we have nothing to fear….


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