I sit here with sadness

Why, do you say…

The need to be the richest, the most famous, have the best or the most.

I simply, do not understand this at all.

It says to treat others as you would like to be treated, but instead we get lost in the world of haves and have nots.

I could have a trillion, but to me, as I sit questioning what I just wrote. It means nothing, I still see and have no desire, for fancy cars, for big mansions, or for jewels.

My desire is the love of my father, the only thing that fills my heart, he is my desire. He is my light, in my past, when I felt I was on a path of darkness, he is where my path now leads. His light shone brighter and brighter, leading me here, today and for tomorrow.

I know, I stand on the belief that his words, that all of it rings true. His words, for my life, are loud and clear.

I have been told many times, people see me with lots of wealth, but as I sit and shake my head. I still will be the bargain hunter, I know that I hate to my very core, people who waste and boast.

For to me, if your not boasting about the father, then your on the wrong channel..

So Lord, I know its coming, for I feel it strongly today. But, please do not let me go, I would rather hand it back to you, than loose what I have now.

It is about being a responsible Christian and I believe your living word, I put it into practice all the time and for that, I already have wealth beyond measure.


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