How each day, can be better…

Many times we can get stuck in a continual motion and each day we miss an opportunity.

I realised this yesterday, man I had to push myself, my knees were not happy, lets put it that way.

I knew I had to pay the rent, get some elastic to fix something, then the day was gone.

Having to rest and raise my legs is time wasted, but then today, I thought hang on, you should have prayed. Then again, do not get caught up with the, shoulda woulda brigaide, just learn.

So I am looking forward, each day, I tackle the next thing and then think to myself, I cannot go back. “There is no going back, to go back too”.

My decision, the ultimate decision is set in stone and regardless of who is happy with me or not. I have to keep going, like yesterday, I thought to myself, bugger it, I am going to do what I need too, I am tired of limitations because of an accident, years prior, I am going to push, and so I did.

Lets just say, last night, oy. LOL

With my father, I have to move in the knowledge that I have to move ever so carefully forward into what I must do. I have let go of the past, I have stopped letting myself be dragged back into what I call, the dirty wash cycle of the washing machine, I hung myself out to dry and for that picture he gave me, I am grateful.

Something that convinced me, happened in the last couple of weeks, you see, others keep going over and over the past and the good old blame game. But their lives do not seem to change, the same pattern exists and that is what I decided to move away from.

I am honest, and as I have said, I am not perfect in anyway, shape or form. But at least I admit it, at least I move forward, this continual gossip train, especially with women. I always use to think, who on earth made you, judge, jury and executioner.

It says that he is the only judge, so get a grip and move on…

Growth is an amazing, gladly I have finally realised this.


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