Who is your family?

We get birthed into what the world calls, family.

But, when the one you have, does not measure up, and you select him, over all else. Remember the old saying, “You can choose your friends, but you cannot choose your family”.

He gives you another family, a family that builds you up and a family you can be honest with and not be judged daily.

I was born into a very dysfunctional family, everyone seems to have different issues, but you have to deal with them, at each point, truthfully and move on.

So, with me, instead of being condemned by them, and being on this continual merry go round, I got off. I decided to follow, my personal experience and stop being the YES person, I use to be.

I decided, this emotional pull, is toxic and I must be released from it.

So, I chose the father, they say things have a habit of working out, well it wasn’t anything like joining a cult or anything like that. It was just me, seeing, that those who said they loved me, continued to hurt or control me.

So, I looked at the road to where I was lead, and realised the father was calling me home. In many ways, it has nothing to do with the group, I go to church with, it is about choosing him, where ever I am.

All my roads, all my blessings, all my miracles, everything lead to him, and I accepted him, that to me is real family.

Jesus is my brother, father God is my only father and when all fits together, your home…


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