Can you feel, his blessings?

I ask myself this many times, to make sure, I keep tuned in.

Tuned into, what he is blessing me with.

The other day, I said to a friend something, she then told me, that she was waiting for me to do it.

Now, I don’t know about you, but bugger waiting (sorry for the Aussie slang), but I have to get real here.

It does not matter where I am, or who is around, or who hears, I will do what I am prompted to do, immediately, right there, right then.

You see, he knows something that you are yet too, he is training you, to see if you will show the lead. And I think if I was him, I would be tired of people, consistently seeing if it was embarrassing or who was around etc, for fear.

I say things all the time, and bugger what others think, I lived too long, to worry about you, you worry about yourself instead, how about those apples.

I love it when I am prompted, I love it when I figure out, what he wanted me to do and why. I feel blessed and special every time, because he is thinking of me and others. How special is that, to know it, beyond doubt.

So, as your day, ends or begins, tell him, talk to him, take no care for tomorrow, but instead of expecting him to answer when you need him, what about being there, for when he needs YOU…


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