It could of been me…….

Yesterday, I ordered online and went to pick up my groceries.

On the way home, I felt prompted to go and get a drive through drink from the big M.

I never ever go in, to get anything for myself, but I felt the need too.

As I have said before, you have to be listening, so I listened and got a drink, sorry I did choose what I did, I felt so sick afterwards. But getting back on course here, it saved me.

As I drove in, picked up and drove out, would have been about 2 minutes, tops. As I got back onto the main road, I saw a car in the front, it was white with unusual back light design.

All that popped into my head was this, if I had not gone into get a drink, I would be up there.

As I turned and drove up the hill, I came to the dreaded roundabout, that is oval in shape and has blind spots, in the place I live.

An accident, had just happened, what was hit, that same white car, the front was off the car, another car was in the medium strip. A woman was sitting on the side of the road, with people around her, and all I could think was, turn left and get out of the way, so services can come and assist.

Then, I felt to ring to check if an ambulance had been called, they had not, only the police, you see, you may seem fine at an accident, but a brain bleed or something else medical you cannot tell and your life is worth them checking.

All, I saw like a headlight was that WHITE CAR, and all I could think to myself, beyond doubt was this, it could have been me. If I had not turned into get a drink, I would have been in the roundabout, at that exact time.

My angels, protected me, I have been going over this all night and I cannot deny the truth, MY ANGELS, who are always with me, saved me.

I kept thinking, I never get junk food, I deplore the M store, because of the smell turns my stomach. But, I listened and listening, saved me.

I have no doubt, my beautiful angels were there when I needed them.


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