What about his race…

This is something I have been thinking about since the new year started.

What about the race, the one you agreed on, when your scroll what written.

Have you been, like me at times, sitting on the side line, wondering if your worthy to participate.

I remember when I was younger, all I wanted to do as a hobby was run, problem my ankles would pop and I would fall over. But when I did run in races, I could never be first, but I kept thinking as a youngster, just FINISH.

I was always good at marathons at school, why, because I listened to my body, I chugged along and when it counted, burst for the last couple of meters.

I felt good, because I finished, not trying to win, not trying to be the best in others eyes, just running my race.

This morning I was reminded of this, to RUN YOUR OWN RACE. The one you agreed on, and this is to me as much as anyone.

Stop sitting and questioning, just line up and participate, be part of the race, but make sure your RUN YOUR RACE.

So, as I am about to go today, I have seen myself lined up at the starting line, its not about what others see, its about you and him and the race, you signed up too…

Have a great day and RUNNNNNNNN lol


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