Stand on his word

I am standing on the word he said to me, “I will always look after you”.

The Lord is my rock and fortress.

The Lord is my help and shield.

Nothing is impossible, the Lord makes the impossible, possible.

I have the favour of God, it surrounds me, goes before me and in that time of need, will come my way.

No good man will be without a wife (ME).

If the thief be found he must return 7 fold, this is my aim for 2014.

Find your word and stand on it daily.


One thing I know

There is one thing that I am certain of, you move forward when your broken and surrender.

When you apologise for messing up and are willing to lick your wounds and start again.

Only good can come from this, it is certain. Like the sun will rise in the morning and there will be night in the evening.

Forgive at this time of year, if that is what you need to do, sometimes the biggest person to forgive is YOU.

You are bigger person for doing this than you know, glory be to my father who is my rock.

Women, we take a little time

I was thinking about a blog a while ago, how we argue and sometimes squish it into nothing.

Why do you think we take time to get it, or let something go.

I think sometimes with myself, I don’t want to let go. Like when your children grow, you wish you could go back and change a few things. Bundle them up and hold them tight, the thought of having to let them spread their wings, use to fill me with dread.

Only because I wanted, to protect them, even if it was from themselves. But you have to let them fly and experience things for themselves.

Sometimes I pick things up really quickly and embrace it and sometimes it takes me a little time to process.

Why am I sharing this, I was thinking how my son, being a male has taught me how he processes things differently to me as a female. Pays to pay attention, especially when its someone you love.

Like my daughter, she yes is female, but so very different to me. Sometimes I cannot work her out, but then others I see my old self looking back. That is scary, but I wish she would, no I pray she would get to where I am and take hold of the inheritance that I have laid out for her and my son.

The pathway with the lord, that I always say you can run, but really, you cannot hide.

Blessings can come in all different ways

I am so touched by the simplest things.

Today I went out for lunch with the girls from our church. Great bunch, we are all different in our own way, but you can see that we are all part of the one body.

This year we each got a person to pray for, send a small note or a gift.

I was touched by who the person was for me, what was written on the little card touched my heart. My eyes even teared up.

It doesn’t take much for me, it’s not about the gift. It was the word that meant so much more to me.

Let me just say 2014 is my year, I am here for a purpose and mark my words I will do what my father requires of me.

He blesses me every day in every way and I love him more and more. I never knew you could love someone so much and still have room for more.

Be blessed today and find your blessing.

Get excited

Many people just get excited because its party season.

Well why not get excited about your life, tomorrow or the new year that I believe has already begun.

Your life is meant for great things, your extraordinary just the way you are.

You do not need bigger boobs, smaller nose or pecks. You just have to find peace with being you.

I use to have issues dealing with myself, sometimes still do. I was told I was never good enough, that no one would ever love me. I had to be some sort of perfect, or no one would want me.

What a big fat lie…

I am cute, cuddly and a good human being. If I wasnt my father would deal with me and people would tell me otherwise.

My future is exciting because I believe it will be, and belief is faith in action.

I am a building block of great significance and I will not believe anything less.

Wahoo shout for joy, LOL dare you….

I want to be able to prophesy

Some people I have found seem to do this easily.

Me I pray, talk to myself, think of a million things and my brain never shuts up, so how am I meant to get something.

Yes I should just learn to shut up, but I don’t seem to be able too.

How I don’t know but I am certain my father will assist with this, because I am going to prophesy and it will direct from the father.

Statement made…..

Peace at last

For the last few months I have been in turmoil.

The Lord has been trying to change me and yes there have been times that I have wanted to buck and scream but I knew I had to keep going.

It hasn’t been just one thing, but many different avenues all at once. I think because the father knew that I needed to be so overwhelmed, that their was no other option.

I am as I have said before, determined and in some way stubborn. So I need to be pushed for change to take place.

Most of the feeling of turmoil has been of my own making. But finally I gave in and surrendered, so I sit here with peace over me.

All I can say is yahoo, OMG I really didn’t think I could make it to here, but here I sit and I am so glad.

So if you are going through something, just know that “this too shall pass”. Remember to have the joy, then you have to have the sorrow.

You are made of greater things, so keep going I am here to give you strength.