Women, we take a little time

I was thinking about a blog a while ago, how we argue and sometimes squish it into nothing.

Why do you think we take time to get it, or let something go.

I think sometimes with myself, I don’t want to let go. Like when your children grow, you wish you could go back and change a few things. Bundle them up and hold them tight, the thought of having to let them spread their wings, use to fill me with dread.

Only because I wanted, to protect them, even if it was from themselves. But you have to let them fly and experience things for themselves.

Sometimes I pick things up really quickly and embrace it and sometimes it takes me a little time to process.

Why am I sharing this, I was thinking how my son, being a male has taught me how he processes things differently to me as a female. Pays to pay attention, especially when its someone you love.

Like my daughter, she yes is female, but so very different to me. Sometimes I cannot work her out, but then others I see my old self looking back. That is scary, but I wish she would, no I pray she would get to where I am and take hold of the inheritance that I have laid out for her and my son.

The pathway with the lord, that I always say you can run, but really, you cannot hide.


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