Praying can show you what is hidden

Yesterday at prayer meeting we were asked to pray for something in particular. Or to let the Lord lead you, well it didn’t take me long.

What I saw, I am going to share with you. This shows you what can happen, when you pray in tongues.

I saw the United States of America, like looking down from a satellite. Then I saw, dark clouds over areas, like sun spots on your skin. Then I saw something white down the right hand side of the right side of the coast.

I kept praying and then saw flashes, I didn’t understand at first, but he Lord made it clear after a while. Here is my explanation of what it meant.

Dark clouds were the evil going on, bad decisions that hang over people’s lives, down the right hand side at first it looked like a cancerous growth. But as I prayed it became white and then I realised it was a net. Ready to be pulled over the country to call in those who are willing to follow the lord.

Lastly the sparks were the Ministers and Pastors, that are willing to do the work the Lord requires of them NOW. Not what they know, but what he instructs of them today. They are the ones holding that country up, I also saw a jolt hitting President Obama, because I started praying for the whole nation. And the jolt is going to be a hit of the Lords presence, he will be instructed to where he has gone wrong, then instructed how to make it right.

You can believe this or not, but I saw things that if you could see through me, you could not deny.


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