Did you run??? Run out of steam yet???

I have had on my heart those families that have left the churches. The ones that the Lord confronted and they didn’t like what they saw and ran.

My opinion is, are you stupid?? Yes I do not use negative words much, but really one person I am thinking of who knows the truth is WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

When you have children and YOUR decision affects them, you are accountable for them in many ways.

YOU MY LOVE HAVE TO GROW UP, I am writing this in the hope that she reads it. I love you and miss you, but my father misses you more. Stand up for your belief, you can lead your whole family back. There is no shame, but step forth into his loving arms. I understand sometimes having a husband that may be a “pill” at times is hard.

But stand for the Lord, you know you can’t run. Issues are there to be dealt with, if someone like me who can be really blunt says to you, when you get over your stubbornness. It is meant with love, no we are not always right but the father needs to deal with your FLESH.

Flesh, is a I want but don’t want to give just like a baby spitting the dummy. Will, gets you off track and lets the devil in, to destroy. If you gossip, what does it do causes strife, you need correcting, your way hasn’t worked so SURRENDER. Know I am still here waiting for you, to wake up, shake off the old you and arise, to shine.

Love brings you home, humbleness gives you a gift. You know your not stupid, you can’t run and I know he has been on your case. You have to answer for yourself, everything else will fall into line.

Trust the father, don’t listen to the negative, shut it down. You know how to take authority, use it my love.

Time is running out, don’t end up in the pit of hell. Run back into the saving arms and remember anything that rubs you the wrong way is just like when you have to clean something.

You have to scrub off the gunk first, then you are able to be cleaned and buffed to a brilliant shine.


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