Are you special???????

Dont you love it how the world tries so hard to label you. That way you can be controlled and not live the life you were born to live.

You are born and are special because, you are created in his image.

But sometimes we are put into a family, that may not do the very best for us. But think of it as your training, things can be flipped over like the cinnamon pancakes I made this morning.

YOU ARE SPECIAL, do you hear me. I am extraordinary, why can’t you be too. Knowing who I am, is a gift, I know it is and no one can tell me different.

Think of the ways that make you special, example me, I give (cant help myself), I am always thinking (inventions, changing recipes) you name it, I will be thinking about a better way.

My most special thing is, I care, I have such empathy sometimes that I have to watch myself. I am unique, just the way I am meant to be.

Like watching my spiritual mother today, you can see her uniqueness and what makes her special.

If you cant see it, I ask my father to open your eyes and the veil to be lifted. So you can lift you head high and put a bounce in your step. I know you are, even if you have been hurt and react in a way to defend yourself. Your true self is undeniable.

God bless.


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