Get excited

Many people just get excited because its party season.

Well why not get excited about your life, tomorrow or the new year that I believe has already begun.

Your life is meant for great things, your extraordinary just the way you are.

You do not need bigger boobs, smaller nose or pecks. You just have to find peace with being you.

I use to have issues dealing with myself, sometimes still do. I was told I was never good enough, that no one would ever love me. I had to be some sort of perfect, or no one would want me.

What a big fat lie…

I am cute, cuddly and a good human being. If I wasnt my father would deal with me and people would tell me otherwise.

My future is exciting because I believe it will be, and belief is faith in action.

I am a building block of great significance and I will not believe anything less.

Wahoo shout for joy, LOL dare you….


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