Pray like you have never prayed before….

I have been praying and pushing in to claim what is mine.

There is a job going at the moment, which I have always wanted to do, I know I am meant to work there.

I have been praying for answers and my father put the thought to me to look in the local paper.

I was given some casual hours but, this is what I want.

So I am staking a claim in the name of my father, this is mine. (No if but’s or maybe’s).

This is how you break through and hear from him, if you are desperate this is where the answer lies.

This is how you break down the walls and claim what is rightfully yours.

This is what the enemy hates, but he looses and I win.

Go for it, what have you got to loose? I am with you all the way, move that mountain which has been blocking you.

Glory to the lord and Joy cometh.


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