Blessings can come in all different ways

I am so touched by the simplest things.

Today I went out for lunch with the girls from our church. Great bunch, we are all different in our own way, but you can see that we are all part of the one body.

This year we each got a person to pray for, send a small note or a gift.

I was touched by who the person was for me, what was written on the little card touched my heart. My eyes even teared up.

It doesn’t take much for me, it’s not about the gift. It was the word that meant so much more to me.

Let me just say 2014 is my year, I am here for a purpose and mark my words I will do what my father requires of me.

He blesses me every day in every way and I love him more and more. I never knew you could love someone so much and still have room for more.

Be blessed today and find your blessing.


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