Praying can show you what is hidden

Yesterday at prayer meeting we were asked to pray for something in particular. Or to let the Lord lead you, well it didn’t take me long.

What I saw, I am going to share with you. This shows you what can happen, when you pray in tongues.

I saw the United States of America, like looking down from a satellite. Then I saw, dark clouds over areas, like sun spots on your skin. Then I saw something white down the right hand side of the right side of the coast.

I kept praying and then saw flashes, I didn’t understand at first, but he Lord made it clear after a while. Here is my explanation of what it meant.

Dark clouds were the evil going on, bad decisions that hang over people’s lives, down the right hand side at first it looked like a cancerous growth. But as I prayed it became white and then I realised it was a net. Ready to be pulled over the country to call in those who are willing to follow the lord.

Lastly the sparks were the Ministers and Pastors, that are willing to do the work the Lord requires of them NOW. Not what they know, but what he instructs of them today. They are the ones holding that country up, I also saw a jolt hitting President Obama, because I started praying for the whole nation. And the jolt is going to be a hit of the Lords presence, he will be instructed to where he has gone wrong, then instructed how to make it right.

You can believe this or not, but I saw things that if you could see through me, you could not deny.


Pray like you have never prayed before….

I have been praying and pushing in to claim what is mine.

There is a job going at the moment, which I have always wanted to do, I know I am meant to work there.

I have been praying for answers and my father put the thought to me to look in the local paper.

I was given some casual hours but, this is what I want.

So I am staking a claim in the name of my father, this is mine. (No if but’s or maybe’s).

This is how you break through and hear from him, if you are desperate this is where the answer lies.

This is how you break down the walls and claim what is rightfully yours.

This is what the enemy hates, but he looses and I win.

Go for it, what have you got to loose? I am with you all the way, move that mountain which has been blocking you.

Glory to the lord and Joy cometh.

I want to have more sweetness over me

Sometimes as you read you can see I am straight to the point, no mucky around, just a whammo.

I do apologise for this, but the passion in me is very hard to contain.

So I pray that my father puts more sweetness over me, I am a work in progress but I will get their.

If he can work on Joyce Meyer he can work on me. I know in time he might even bring me my version of her Dave, Oh lord God help him, he may need it. LOL

No, everything in time, just my father, he is first and he will add the desires of my heart.

I do pray you have someone close to you who sincerely loves you, not your body but your heart and mind. A treasure that is richer than any other.

Prayers to be heard….. this is mine


I ask in the name of Jesus for healing to this body.

That it will be like night and day.

Transformation from infirmities, now in the name of Jesus.

Father you word says I can have what I say, I choose healing now in your name.

You took this on the cross and it says in your word, your word never lies.

So father I am reminding you what you said to me that day, You would look after me.

Father I am reminding you of your word, I make a demand on you as a child that I no longer have pain or sickness. I demand from you today in your name, I am your daughter and as my father I expect this of you.

So father heal this body, so I can go out into the nations in your name.

I will begin to see consistent healing from today onwards as I consistently pray in your name 30 mins each day, this is my contract to you that I will do my part.

Father you said it, so I believe it. I cry out now in your name for this to be fulfilled.

My pray is, I want the world to see your miracles father, show them the way.

My prayers are being answered

Sunday night I went to prayer meeting. Didnt feel that enthusiastic, which is unusual for me. I felt flat and couldn’t even raise my voice.

Once prayer was finished, we were asked if we had anything to share, someone had a word for me.

I use to think, ah oh, what have I done now. But instead I just listened and took it in.

What made me tear up, is when god said, ‘I have lost my shine, but he is out working on my behalf and I am going to be buffed again’. I knew this, so when it was said, I knew he was listening to everything I said the other day. Why I forgot this I don’t know, momentary lapse I think.

What got me the most end part, I cannot share that now. But it’s truly awesome because, I am on my way, to be his instrument for what he wants. That was my prayer, he knows, when I am their and I have made the decision, so then nothing will budge me.

I don’t want to take over anything or Pastor my own church, I am happy where I am, but I want to stand, as the back up and work as part of his team.

Whatever he has for me, he has saved me so many times, so if I can do this one little thing, then its something in return.

I do wish you all the very best blessings.

Had a thought, see if you agree

I was about to sign out and the Lord reminded me, so one last thing before log out.

I keep saying how I have all power and authority, well last night, I had a thought that I can use this avenue, so I am using it.

I have mentioned my food allergies, well if you agree now, we are going to remove this from my body. When two or more agree Jesus has to act, so are you with me, if so repeat with me.

Lord, I ask in your name that any allergies whether food related or chemical be removed from Bronwyn now in your name, that from this moment on, she will be able to eat anything you have provided her to eat. This includes nuts, coconut, white grains, gluten, mushrooms, dairy, dried fruits, shell-fish and anything else that has come against her. I take all authority and power that you have said, that I have and remove i,t with the agreement of all who read this, Bronwyn you are healed in his mighty name of Jesus. I loosen these from you and bind these and send them back to the pit of hell where they belong. AMEN

Lord I pray if anyone who agrees with this have their healing in return, we are all winners today Lord because we praise you from our rising in the morning to the suns going down and while we rest.

Thank you, just typing this I felt something shift, I will keep you posted.

A prayer for you

My last Post for the year. Wow, never thought I would get this far. Yahoo

Father, I pray in the name of Jesus. That anyone who reads the words on this site (your site), be blessed. I pray that one hour of one day, you will let them feel, how I feel about you.

That for those who you love and are yet to know you, have an experience that will define their life forever more.

I pray for them, their family and please bless their time this season. The time where we celebrate the birth of your son, father bring this world into the knowing of you.

Let them know that everything is not done against them, but for them. To make them into the person you see. Let them know your love and let them find peace in their hearts.

If anyone needs healing, then I pray in the name of Jesus, what ever is coming against them, be removed now in your name. That you have all power and authority over every situation.

May God in all his mercy, bless each one of you.

Be blessed AMEN. Thank you father.

Remember to count all JOY. Turn any sorrow into dancing. And smack the devil out.

Talk again soon. xxxxx