My prayers are being answered

Sunday night I went to prayer meeting. Didnt feel that enthusiastic, which is unusual for me. I felt flat and couldn’t even raise my voice.

Once prayer was finished, we were asked if we had anything to share, someone had a word for me.

I use to think, ah oh, what have I done now. But instead I just listened and took it in.

What made me tear up, is when god said, ‘I have lost my shine, but he is out working on my behalf and I am going to be buffed again’. I knew this, so when it was said, I knew he was listening to everything I said the other day. Why I forgot this I don’t know, momentary lapse I think.

What got me the most end part, I cannot share that now. But it’s truly awesome because, I am on my way, to be his instrument for what he wants. That was my prayer, he knows, when I am their and I have made the decision, so then nothing will budge me.

I don’t want to take over anything or Pastor my own church, I am happy where I am, but I want to stand, as the back up and work as part of his team.

Whatever he has for me, he has saved me so many times, so if I can do this one little thing, then its something in return.

I do wish you all the very best blessings.


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