I have poured out my heart

As I have said before, I am in no way perfect, but I am trying, to do the very best I can, last night I prayed and gave it everything, I had.

I was at the end of myself (at the end of my internal fight), I cried out to him, I ran through those people who, I could remember and asked him to help me forgive them.

But I also said that I choose to forgive, that I repented for anything, I have done wrong, I cried out about everything and anything.

I have had plans to a new display home I liked up on my cupboard, I even surrendered this dream for him. I said to him, ‘he is all I want’, I want to do what ever he has for me. I even asked for him to tell me, yes or no if there is a man chosen for me, I am willing to give that up as well, all I need to know is the answer to my question.

He knew I was pouring everything out and I do mean everything from the very tips of my toes.

I had the very best nights sleep, I even slept through my alarm, I was in a very deep restful slumber, peace was mine and I am so thankful.

Some might think I have given up on things, but the way I see it, he has so much more for me, more than I could ever imagine.

All I have to do is CHOOSE his way.

As it says, ‘and all these things and more will be added’ so I don’t have a problem.


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