My heart is crying out for those who are luke warm

When I wake in the morning I make a cuppa and sit back in bed, read my healing scriptures and the word.

Recently I finished Hebrews and now I am reading Revelations, what is on my heart is the luke warm.

How long do you think they have, having to face my reality everything has become more heightened and clear. My passion for knowing the father is more, not because I have to thank him by spending my spare time with him. But judgement day, its becoming very clear that many are facing this and those who are suffering because of sickness, ultimately there is no need for it.

Healing is with the father, protection, love, life, so often I see people who think OK. I have been given this advice from the doctor and I have so long to go, wait a minute, do not put me on a timer. God is the only one who can give me my out clause.

I have a very long road to go yet and people need to know, it was not because I am lucky or a trick, its because of my father saving my life. I have a destiny and no one can tell me otherwise.

Please I pray that if your on that wall, get down come with me and put him at the very front of your life.

Ages ago I said to my father that I would put my children aside for he was the most important, now he just reminded me of this and explains my sons reaction or lack there of. Nothing is more important than him, I have to do this, he is my father and I grew up knowing about respect, honour and truth, so my end is my choice as to where I am going to be.

And I want sunship….


The spirit of FIRE

Chatting with a girlfriend who also went to the beach house yesterday.

I said, “Something happened I can feel it, I feel like I am surround by this great big warm air bag” .

She said that she was watching Sid Roth and a guy was saying to the person with back pain, raise your hands and receive so she did, that was 2 weeks ago, she has no pain.

God is doing something in our Church, his body and its awesome, I told you a while ago that I was excited, I could feel something good was about to happen.

Have a little Faith in HIM, even in prayer meetings he is sending his fire upon us, goosebumps and all.

I wish you could experience it, we are going to go out and tell the world, for the veil and ear muffs have been on far too long. But we are getting prepared, for no fear will stop us.

Working from home a road block came up and I said, be though removed in the name of Jesus we need this to happen today, prayer answered. No not just a prayer, a demand by the spirit of the word, that’s better.

And as Jesse Deplantis says, everyday and I love it, so I get up and say it too. I GOT UP TODAY, TO RUIN THE ENEMY’S DAY. OOhh and watch gospel casino, it really hits you.


Day 3 and I am sleeping.. The miracle continues

Since you have read my blogs some might know that the back injury happened in June of 2009.

Talking to my Pastors wife on the weekend, she could see the pain I was in, she said in our group session “I notice that you don’t tell anyone what your feeling you just hold it in”. I opened up, thinking if there was a time, its now.

I told her how, I have been brought to my knees screaming in pain, seeing black spots and even to the point that I just wanted someone to end it. But the big thing I knew was, I had to go through this to get to my healing to come out the other side.

To speak to those who need to hear, MIRACLES CAN & DO HAPPEN.

Sleeping has been in the past, light and a struggle, every part of me hurt, I have been at the edge many, many times.

But this I held onto, he will bring me through. As the song says, he will finish what he started.

TRUST is the key, putting the word forth, speaking it out. For the word is life, and with it comes great power to those who BELIEVE and remember belief is FAITH in ACTION.


What a weekend away

A group of us girls went down to the beach house, we prayed, worshipped and learnt a lot.

I came home CHANGED, I can feel it, two days without back pain. YES I SAID without BACK PAIN.

I have been restored, I feel it and I am keeping it. YAHOO.

Don’t ever try to tell me MIRACLES don’t happen, I am a living testimony. SOOOO HAPPY

God bless

Today was instrumental on helping someone who really needed my father. The enemy wants to squash them but not on my watch.

Its amazing to me how he (our dad) has things strategically placed for such a time as this. We are in such a place to make sure people do not go before there time.

I believe his word, every single bit of it, so therefore I have an authority and a boldness because I know its not me, he is just using me.

Another person in the room felt someone (I believe an angel) hold there hand, he was very present today and I was walking on the moon, it was fantastic.

I love what he does, I don’t want to ever take the limelight, I just want people to hear him, I want my father to have a voice.

God bless everyone who requires him, let the light shine.

Today before the person left they said I feel at peace, I knew what my dad had done. I held there hands and said I stand in the gap on there behalf. Why? Because no one knows my dad like I do, he is my everything and my friend. I love him with everything I have and more.

He is also my husband my lover everything beautiful and that’s it for me….

Confess and it shall be

Yesterday was fabulous, to say the least.

Someone who attended the pray meeting said that she was given, confess Jeremiah 30 v17 “For I will restore health to you. And heal you of your wounds, say the lord.

Now I don’t know about you but, I WANT IT real bad.

And I believe, therefore I receive. Get excited I am.

Miracles do happen…

I have had pain coming from my back since 2009 and I have been in that much pain that I wanted to be either hit by a bus or train to stop it.

The pain was that bad it would drop me to my knees every time and I would be in tears, screaming for help.

So on Monday at prayer meeting, after saying right enough taking the bull by the balls.

We were praying for specific things mine was my back and then employment.

My Pastor wife and others their prayed for me, again as before this guttural growl came forth. I started telling it to get out, I knew that it was demonic and had to go. I have never in my life screamed with such force.

I also had a hand on my back that was hot, my kidneys have also been a problem but guess what.

I HAVE NO PAIN, I believe that I am healed.

To sleep and not been woken because of it is the most wonderful gift in the world.

Healing can be yours, I have belief and that is faith in again.


By his grace, he answered me…

As you have been aware reading what I have written at times you were probably smarter than me and knew that I had a blockage. I knew it too, to a point but I was lost and now I have been found.

What was that blockage, forgiveness. I got to a point of forgiving, but one hurdle too many to climb as they would say.

I forgave to a point that I could internally manage, but the rest I knew my father would have to help me.

And remember one of my last blogs was, Lord what is the next step.

Well, well, well, today a beautiful movie The Grace Card –

I didn’t expect it to hit me so hard, I cried like a child. I lay on the floor with my arms stretched out and repented for my mistakes.

I cried and still can’t seem to stem the tears, I even rang the channel to thank them. They may think I am nuts, but I DONT CARE. I said to the girl, “That was a divine appointment and to whom ever, tell them thank you”.

I know it was you father, helping me release this, god I so wanted to let go. But you know when something is just beyond your capabilities and you need help.

Get this movie, I urge you and sit quietly, let the father enter in, for you to be set free.

That is something that is happening a lot lately, FREEDOM.

I truly believe my time is coming, something truly beyond imaginings. A great blessing we can call it.

By his grace it is to also receive, sending much love…

A HEALING night of miracles is coming…. updated

Do you want healing? Or just want to pop in to see us. If you don’t believe then your the one he wants, do yourself a favour.

Doesn’t matter what it is,  someone is coming for one night only to our church.

His name is Derek Ott from a suburb of Chicago, I will get the rest and post it up for you. Even if you are not a person who attends church, just come for the one night.

He is coming 18 August 2013 it will be an evening meeting, they think about 7.30PM but I will keep you updated.

Venue: Sunbury Heights Primary School, Charter Road East Sunbury, directions will be given on the night.

He has this need, last time healing happened in this town by someone else who came, people were getting gold fillings and a lot more.

You just never know, but the invitation is there, I would be happy to see you there.

I look forward to having fun, to whoop it up and see what happens.