Day 3 and I am sleeping.. The miracle continues

Since you have read my blogs some might know that the back injury happened in June of 2009.

Talking to my Pastors wife on the weekend, she could see the pain I was in, she said in our group session “I notice that you don’t tell anyone what your feeling you just hold it in”. I opened up, thinking if there was a time, its now.

I told her how, I have been brought to my knees screaming in pain, seeing black spots and even to the point that I just wanted someone to end it. But the big thing I knew was, I had to go through this to get to my healing to come out the other side.

To speak to those who need to hear, MIRACLES CAN & DO HAPPEN.

Sleeping has been in the past, light and a struggle, every part of me hurt, I have been at the edge many, many times.

But this I held onto, he will bring me through. As the song says, he will finish what he started.

TRUST is the key, putting the word forth, speaking it out. For the word is life, and with it comes great power to those who BELIEVE and remember belief is FAITH in ACTION.



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