The spirit of FIRE

Chatting with a girlfriend who also went to the beach house yesterday.

I said, “Something happened I can feel it, I feel like I am surround by this great big warm air bag” .

She said that she was watching Sid Roth and a guy was saying to the person with back pain, raise your hands and receive so she did, that was 2 weeks ago, she has no pain.

God is doing something in our Church, his body and its awesome, I told you a while ago that I was excited, I could feel something good was about to happen.

Have a little Faith in HIM, even in prayer meetings he is sending his fire upon us, goosebumps and all.

I wish you could experience it, we are going to go out and tell the world, for the veil and ear muffs have been on far too long. But we are getting prepared, for no fear will stop us.

Working from home a road block came up and I said, be though removed in the name of Jesus we need this to happen today, prayer answered. No not just a prayer, a demand by the spirit of the word, that’s better.

And as Jesse Deplantis says, everyday and I love it, so I get up and say it too. I GOT UP TODAY, TO RUIN THE ENEMY’S DAY. OOhh and watch gospel casino, it really hits you.



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