Yesterdays message was awesome

Sometimes we have this urge to find the grey areas in our lives to justify how we behave.

Or we think we can do it later, God isn’t watching. Wait a minute, he sees the real you, he sees your thoughts and he can see right into your heart. ”He knows you, better than you know yourself”.

He has known your end, from the very beginning. Yesterday the message was clear, again another warning to get in the boat, (Noah warned the people and they thought he was nuts, but where are they, drowned).

I know some things we try to work out in our own brains, but sometimes you just gotta have faith and believe.

God’s message yesterday was to just to love him and keep his commandments, remember LOVE covers all.

He wants you to just surrender your heart, he wants to protect you. But he will not interfere with free will, CHOOSE because it’s gonna save your life.

I will give you another update later, but yesterday was awesome I am still buzzing.


Every day is a new day

As a parent all you want from your children is that they keep trying.

Not to be better than everyone else, but keep trying to be a good person, who you can say, is honourable & respectful.

I was speaking to one of my children and they said to me, “mum, I keep trying” and that is all I ever want. I told them how proud, I was for that and thanked them, for being my child (sometimes as parents, we forget to say the words, but I know the impact they can have).

I want, for both my children to be honourable people, who are respected, by not only themselves but others to see it. I want them to walk around with the heads held up, and know who they are, to like themselves. To feel they are worthy individuals whom I love, equally.

I was asked by one of them, ‘oh you love them, more than me’. No, I do not, I might like one more than the other at a certain time, depending on the circumstances. But love is equal, but I did say, at the time and its the truth, that I love God more (I had to be honest).

I explained that, he is first in line, because you know where I have been and the positive results that you can now see. I will not lower my love, you have to meet me where I am. Things were happening at the time and I said, I will continue to love you, but I will not lower myself and hang around in the muck you’re in.

Sometimes as parents, we want to make it all better, but sometimes we enable people and we must not interfere, especially if the lord tells you not too. I have had to learn this and if anyone can learn from me, that’s good.

Thinking about myself as the lords child, I need to do exactly the same, to know who I am in Christ. Not look at the ground, but walk around knowing, I am special, because he is my father.

I am sure that’s what he wants, for us to be honourable to him, to respect him and ourselves and to keep trying.

Like the words in Pinks song that keeps running through my head, ‘Get up and try, try, try, you gotta get up and try, try try’.


I am ashamed at my reaction, but I am on the potters wheel

The other day I said, that I was in no way perfect. Well even though I am ashamed of myself, I am going to face it head on (I will give the devil no room to move).

The other day, curiosity got the better of me and I googled someone I know, what I read was lies.

I absolutely hate injustice and lies, always have. I think because when I was younger, I had no voice, to shout out the truth.

So when I read, what I did and my reaction was (cricket bat, would never use one) then I realized, I chose to google.  

So why was I angry, haven’t I been saying to myself and the lord, that I trust him. As I have known the lord to deal with this person twice before on my behalf, I will stop and be wise, I will keep pushing through to forgive.

That was part of a word I received the Sunday before. That my answer is to forgive, he will give me faces, so maybe this was meant for that reason. I am after all a work in progress, you never stop learning.

I will leave it to my father & remember he is moulding me on the potter’s wheel.

Protection you can have it too

Last night, I had a very vivid dream all in colour.

I was aware that carnage was going on around me, but I was protected by Jesus. I suppose to some it, was like an outer body experience, I felt no pain because I knew that Jesus took me out of situation.

I kept crying out to him and the more I did, the more protected I was.

It can be the same in real life, if you are in the right place with him and you are in an accident or whatever, he will take you out by spirit and protect you.

What is it with us women, let it go already

Ever noticed when you are ticked off or angry, you have to keep at it.

You have to make sure your point is the only one relevant, until you run out of steam and shut up.

It’s like killing an insect, we spray, falls to the ground.

Then we hit it with a shoe, till its insides come out.

Because we aren’t satisfied, we squish it into mush.

So you have your say, then go back again. Whack whomever your arguing with, just encase you haven’t been heard, then we squish it into oblivion just for good measure.

We have to learn to let it go already.

We are not always right, we don’t, have to have the final say.

From one women who use to do this, think of a balloon deflating and let it go.

Get in the boat

Yesterdays message was as clear as a bell.

Don’t think you can go on your merry way and things will be ok. God gave a clear warning yesterday that we must go to his house, to get in the boat and be protected when all the bad happens. Their is only seconds left, in God time and you cannot play around he is SERIOUS.

Don’t discuss what you have going wrong in your life, whether it be a friend, child or family. Speak only the positive and zip your mouth on the rest.

Just because you go to church, your children are not safe,  what I mean is, if they are old enough to decide whether to follow him or not. It’s up to them and they will have to fight for themselves. We all have to stand up, for what we believe in, eventually.

Don’t load the gun for the devil to fire it. Think of yourself in the eye of a twister, all is clear and claim, you are safe and protected by him.

But remember when the going gets tough is, to STAND.

Be blessed.

What a man, God has chosen well…

Yesterday, someone said something to me and I felt the blood drain to my feet.

I have no problem writing and putting my thoughts to print on this blog, I have not really thought about who is reading this, if anyone.

So yesterday, my spiritual father said, he had read some of it. OMG no pressure here, oh lord, breath in out, relax, LOL.

Why my reaction, you know what the dad of the world, was like, so I have never had any great expectations of men. The words from his lips that he finds what I have written is inspiring. Wait, what OMG, you put that in me, you have sown the message in. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you, the endless prayers and God, so thank you, but the thanks are YOURS.

Knowing that my Pastor, is my spiritual father, I knew the day, I had to CHOOSE to let him guide me, in what ever way he has to, that will work, for my greater good. I had to, not let what had happened to me in the past, dictate how I behave around him.

He is very much a man of honour, respectful, loving and he is so much fun. He has had to speak to me once or twice, but I have taken it the right way, yes I could have sulked or thrown a tantrum. But I CHOSE not too, I need correcting sometimes, I think we all do. I don’t want him to hold back, I have to behave like a grown up, not a child. 

I think so highly of him and I know the huge responsibility, he has on his shoulders. I hope I do honour him, he made a decision to do what God wanted, not his way, Gods way. Every message is from God and what he has for us, he lets the boss lead the way and I love him for that.

Pastor you are such an extraordinary man, because you chose to honour your father in heaven. And because of that, I am where I am today.

So thank you Lord and bless him greatly, let his work not be in vain and everything he asks for be fulfilled. I see so much of you lord in him, thank you to both of you.

Why, the reason for this blog

I was just thinking again, scary I know. LOL his message, just keeps pouring out of me.

Thinking about the reason why I started writing, it was to share the love I have for JESUS and why. Maybe something I have experienced could help someone else, thinking if anyone ever read this blog. I thought you never know, but I want my father to have a voice, through me.

Thinking: I decided that I have never had a problem writing anything, even the odd poem. I remember once in Year 8 my english teacher said, she wanted a one page story. I use to get ideas flowing once she started and off I went, 4 pages later she says to me, ‘I dont want any repeats in the story’ their wasnt any. I remember that moment so vividly and in grade 6 having to write a story about something in my life, that touched me. So I wrote about my cat Tom-as-John, why I loved him and so sad when he died, my teacher cried when she read it, dear Mrs Jubb. I was asked to read it in class, when I finished all the kids were so quiet, I thought they didn’t like it. Mrs Jubb again had the sniffles, but then they said, that was so beautiful.

Reading back through what I have written, I have surprised myself so much. Not only by what I have brought out of myself, to share with you. But what has changed in me, because of it, I usually have the motto.

“You never know, unless you have a go”.

Evidence of motto working: I never thought I had any artistic talent until one day, I went to a craft class and was asked to draw one of the flowers, sitting in a vase in front of me. I thought OMG this is not going to be good, LOL. Surprise, the orchid flower I drew, looked so real. It was like you were looking into the picture, which is very hard to do. I was told to go up to the local art society, I  showed them what I did and was asked how long had I been drawing, I said, ‘2hrs’. Next thing, I am a member and told to call myself an artist, yes I keep giving things away, but as I say, You never know, unless you have a go.

Gods gorgeous red head, happy birthday

My Pastor has her birthday today, as I have said before she is like a dear mother, best friend and more all rolled into one.

Its her birthday today, so if she reads this HAPPY BIRTHDAY may the lord give you the desires of your heart and every blessing he has for you and more today.

If anyone else is reading this I pray you have the opportunity to have someone so precious in your life.

You are definitely, Gods gorgeous red-head and his valentine.

God bless, all my love Bronie XXXXXOOOOO

I want to feel pretty

This is another short one.

Last night in prayer part of what I said, was I want my body to be fixed, I want it to be his living vessel.

So it has to be fixed and the weight has to go.

I don’t want to feel uncomfortable in my skin anymore and feel that I look like the Michelin man.

I want to feel pretty and free of this problem.

God gave me a key, I will keep you posted.