I am ashamed at my reaction, but I am on the potters wheel

The other day I said, that I was in no way perfect. Well even though I am ashamed of myself, I am going to face it head on (I will give the devil no room to move).

The other day, curiosity got the better of me and I googled someone I know, what I read was lies.

I absolutely hate injustice and lies, always have. I think because when I was younger, I had no voice, to shout out the truth.

So when I read, what I did and my reaction was (cricket bat, would never use one) then I realized, I chose to google.  

So why was I angry, haven’t I been saying to myself and the lord, that I trust him. As I have known the lord to deal with this person twice before on my behalf, I will stop and be wise, I will keep pushing through to forgive.

That was part of a word I received the Sunday before. That my answer is to forgive, he will give me faces, so maybe this was meant for that reason. I am after all a work in progress, you never stop learning.

I will leave it to my father & remember he is moulding me on the potter’s wheel.

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