Every day is a new day

As a parent all you want from your children is that they keep trying.

Not to be better than everyone else, but keep trying to be a good person, who you can say, is honourable & respectful.

I was speaking to one of my children and they said to me, “mum, I keep trying” and that is all I ever want. I told them how proud, I was for that and thanked them, for being my child (sometimes as parents, we forget to say the words, but I know the impact they can have).

I want, for both my children to be honourable people, who are respected, by not only themselves but others to see it. I want them to walk around with the heads held up, and know who they are, to like themselves. To feel they are worthy individuals whom I love, equally.

I was asked by one of them, ‘oh you love them, more than me’. No, I do not, I might like one more than the other at a certain time, depending on the circumstances. But love is equal, but I did say, at the time and its the truth, that I love God more (I had to be honest).

I explained that, he is first in line, because you know where I have been and the positive results that you can now see. I will not lower my love, you have to meet me where I am. Things were happening at the time and I said, I will continue to love you, but I will not lower myself and hang around in the muck you’re in.

Sometimes as parents, we want to make it all better, but sometimes we enable people and we must not interfere, especially if the lord tells you not too. I have had to learn this and if anyone can learn from me, that’s good.

Thinking about myself as the lords child, I need to do exactly the same, to know who I am in Christ. Not look at the ground, but walk around knowing, I am special, because he is my father.

I am sure that’s what he wants, for us to be honourable to him, to respect him and ourselves and to keep trying.

Like the words in Pinks song that keeps running through my head, ‘Get up and try, try, try, you gotta get up and try, try try’.



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