Yesterdays message was awesome

Sometimes we have this urge to find the grey areas in our lives to justify how we behave.

Or we think we can do it later, God isn’t watching. Wait a minute, he sees the real you, he sees your thoughts and he can see right into your heart. ”He knows you, better than you know yourself”.

He has known your end, from the very beginning. Yesterday the message was clear, again another warning to get in the boat, (Noah warned the people and they thought he was nuts, but where are they, drowned).

I know some things we try to work out in our own brains, but sometimes you just gotta have faith and believe.

God’s message yesterday was to just to love him and keep his commandments, remember LOVE covers all.

He wants you to just surrender your heart, he wants to protect you. But he will not interfere with free will, CHOOSE because it’s gonna save your life.

I will give you another update later, but yesterday was awesome I am still buzzing.


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