Magicians or a sign of evil….

I was watching a show on the television, Dynamo. You may not have seen it or you might have.

It took me about 2 mins to realize this guy, has tapped into evil.

Why do I come to that decision, what he is doing is not a trick, if you read the bible, it says,  All kinds of miracles, like the Egyptian magicians; and signs and lying wonders: the word lying may be applied to the whole of these; they were lying miracles, lying signs, and lying wonders; only appearances of what was real, and done to give credit to his presumption and imposture. Whereas God sent his messengers with real miracles, real signs, and real wonders; such Satan cannot produce.”

Magicians get people’s attention and that is exactly what the devil wants, lying to you (thats the KEY), catching you when least expect it.

I am the daughter of the King (to be used as his messenger) that power and more, I choose to use it his way. I know what Jesus is about to use me for and no magician can match it. These are the end days, before his coming, read revelations, it really can hit you.

So again, magician or pure evil.


When I decided to move….

Many years ago I lived in a small country town.

My children’s aunt and I were rather close, she lived out-of-town on a small farm. One day she decided to take me around onto a different road. The scenic way for something different, I cleaned her house, ironed and baby sat her children for extra money. Her daughter had bad asthma and because I knew what to do she felt at ease having me around.

I just said out of the blue, I think I should move to Melbourne. She was shocked and said something that I cannot remember.

What was amazing about that day, once I said it, I heard music that was from heaven, the angels were playing flute and harp. I cannot describe it, but it is like nothing on earth. It is absolutely the most beautiful sound you could ever wish to hear.

That was the day I knew I was meant to go. What was funny 7 months before moving day, I had the urge to pack. So I just started, gathering boxes and packing the things I never used. I didn’t know why but I just obeyed, people said to me are you moving? I honestly said, I don’t know.

When the time was right, I was down the street, then all of a sudden I had a thought, I wonder what it takes to sell a house. I walked straight into the real estate, my house was old and needed painting on the outside which actually needed it when I bought it 11 years earlier. I said to the guy, if it sells I know I am meant to go, if not, then I don’t. He said I was the most unusual person he had ever met, I am extraordinary because I am the daughter of the king of kings. (Which I didn’t know at the time, but how wonderful he had my path set even then)

In 28 days it sold and when the guy came to view my house, I knew he was going to buy it, he made an offer, then I asked for another thousand. Again didn’t know why, but he came back with how about 500 so I said sold.

That was in 2002 am I have never looked back. If you are willing to move when he prompts you then every step you take towards the destiny he has for you, can surprise you in every way.

Had a thought, see if you agree

I was about to sign out and the Lord reminded me, so one last thing before log out.

I keep saying how I have all power and authority, well last night, I had a thought that I can use this avenue, so I am using it.

I have mentioned my food allergies, well if you agree now, we are going to remove this from my body. When two or more agree Jesus has to act, so are you with me, if so repeat with me.

Lord, I ask in your name that any allergies whether food related or chemical be removed from Bronwyn now in your name, that from this moment on, she will be able to eat anything you have provided her to eat. This includes nuts, coconut, white grains, gluten, mushrooms, dairy, dried fruits, shell-fish and anything else that has come against her. I take all authority and power that you have said, that I have and remove i,t with the agreement of all who read this, Bronwyn you are healed in his mighty name of Jesus. I loosen these from you and bind these and send them back to the pit of hell where they belong. AMEN

Lord I pray if anyone who agrees with this have their healing in return, we are all winners today Lord because we praise you from our rising in the morning to the suns going down and while we rest.

Thank you, just typing this I felt something shift, I will keep you posted.

Being filled with the spirit

Something beautiful happened one night without me suspecting a thing.

When I first started going to our church we went to a ladies meeting at night, I was very green, new and nervous, shy.

We sang and worshipped then the Pastor asked if anyone wanted to be filled with the spirit. I didn’t know and was too scared to step forward, but one person who was closer to me pushed me forward (so happy, now that she did).

I stood there and was asked, do you want to be filled with the spirit, I nodded not knowing what could happen. Then I said, inside myself as they were praying for me, Lord I don’t know what to do, Lord help me please. He said, just breathe me in, a what came to mind, so again he repeated, breath me in.

I started breathing so deeply, I felt like a flat tyre that was being given air. I could not have anticipated what happened but to hear him again was priceless.

Again I was willing enough to step outside of my limitations and received him.

How he saved my life and my daughters life

Last night was very hot so I layed their thinking of the moments that he has moved my heart. Refection sometimes moves you forward when the timing is right.

I have spoken about the first time the Lord spoke to me. The next was when I was 23 years old, in my family history a high percentage of women have had cervical cancer. Remember this is before I gave myself fully to the Lord.

I went for my two yearly pap smear (sorry but to any men reading this, there is a point) I also said to the doctor, I am 5 weeks pregnant and its going to be a girl (one thing I know is my body) he shook his head at first and said no way can you tell that. I said see that certificate on the wall its says, you are certified to PRACTICE.

And it turned out I was, a week or so later, my normal doctor rings me at home. You need to come in, I need to speak to you, with my son it was a difficult pregnancy, then he stopped breathing for 7 and a half minutes when born (I told everyone that’s why he is brilliant). Then I miscarried the next boy at 3 and a half months, the father of my children was selfish, lets say I did not choose well. So my doctor knowing the situation was very caring towards me in a respectful manner.

Finally I got into see him, he sat there took a breath and said, we don’t know how fast this will spread. We are concerned about the pregnancy, a baby is no good without a mum. (Knowing my mother had it, sisters also this was not a surprise.) I sat there and this peace, washed over me, I look him straight in the eye and said, ‘it will be fine’. He thought I had lost my mind, but I knew I would be ok. Pregnancy would go ahead and they would deal with it when she was born.

After the appointment, I was quickly sent for a biopsy to check it, while still carrying my daughter. Pregnancy progressed they checked on me all the time, I went about my days with the peace he gave me. At 16 weeks I started to get sick, but turned out I had to have my gallbladder out when I was at 20 weeks pregnant. I had lost 2 stone and they were scared they were going to lose either one of us. My doctor came to check on me the day before surgery and said, we will do our best, all of a sudden I said to him, your going to go home and think about what you can give me to keep holding onto this baby. Don’t second guess it, will be simple but will work, he rubbed my hand and said, OK, the next day I got to the corridor and the nurse stopped my bed, she said, to the orderlies, Dr had ordered this needle and she is to have it now before she goes into theatre. 

From the 15 Dec I started getting down to 2 mins labour and it would stop. The doctor thought, I was joking, this kept up until I was admitted 2 days before my daughter was born on January 17, for blood pressure problems and it happened again. The whole hospital was talking about me, my nurse shared with me, she said we were waiting to see the outcome because of what happened at 20 weeks in our small country hospital, they should have air lifted me to the city. But I knew better didn’t I (not really but I knew he knew and that was all I needed). She also stopped breathing for a very long time, what shocked the doctors was the placenta was only the size of a womans palm (how did she survive, guess).

After my daughter was born, they waited exactly 6 weeks before getting me into the theatre to laser burn off the surface of this thing. Then after that healed they had to go in with cameras and biopsy to check if it had spread.

Well I sit here today with all my parts still in tact, that was 23 years ago and I am happy to say I am the oldest living female to do so.

Cancer is a curse and a familiar spirit, I know and stand on his word that he will always look after me. My daughter is beautiful and has made me a grandma twice.

 When I read over this all I see is how the Devil tried to stop me and harm my daughter well guess what I have ALL POWER AND AUTHORITY as my father does. Bam take that and praise the Lord.

Happy New Year, what a fabulous year this is gonna be….

I do hope you all had a wonderful season & a safe new year. This is going to be a great year if I had the energy I would jump for joy.

Anything like me you always get the unexpected, this hopefully will make you laugh.

I got sick the last week before we closed down for Christmas & New Year break. Had to go to the doctor 3 times in a week. New record for me. So still feeling a little weak even today and still not eating normally, but loosing weight a bonus (I have it to spare).

One of those viruses going around and I coped it full on. It was not pretty at all, I was told by the doctor the eat very plain, keep off any acid foods and having allergies my list is very short anyway. This is going to be removed, I am telling you now, I will let you know.

So I was good keep downing energy drinks that hydrate. Food is minimal, but like Doctor Oz said we got the 80’s and started consuming excess, this I am taking as a reverse. If I had of had the energy, I would have prayed over myself to remove the bug.

Anyway my dear friends came and got me for lunch, when I was dropped off because I was so weak, I fell in my driveway.

Why laugh you say, I think I was the only one that didn’t have any alcohol!

I saw the funny side, always do. Fell on a platter I used for the first time, no great loss, but the roast lamb was fabulous. Glad we ate that first.

I was asked to cook that, roasts are so easy. Meat was falling off the bone and melted in the mouth, not bad. I surprise myself all the time, people say I can cook but when it turns out so fabulous that even better cooks than me comment. I impressed myself, yeehaa.

Thinking: I have two favourite cake recipes and yes I never make things by following the recipe. I always think about what works with something and then I am in the kitchen testing it out.

What are they, one is Carrot cake with Lemon cream cheese icing, this cakes melts into one, moist like nothing you have ever eaten before. And you can guess this one I call it Death by chocolate (it’s a heart attack on a plate) lol, it is so rich 900gms of chocolate and 600 cream to start, you have to be good at juggling for this one but both, you could sell in a cake or cheese cake shop. I would even say they could become known like Black Forest Cake.

Hope that wets the appetite, yes no in depth message just starting off with fun.