Death, what comes to mind

Recently someone too young was found dead. All the friends were whaling with grief, but do you think, doves came down and took them to heaven.

Death is a terrible finality to those left living. But really if you have not done the work and surrender your life to him, as the son of God. Then where do you think you are going????

I believe that if I do not do the right thing, then my end will be hell. Burning and screaming for eternity. Because that is how you live, eternally.

I was asked once if someone’s grandmother was in heaven, I asked this person the question, “do you want me to lie or tell the truth”. Of course she asked for the truth, what is the truth, your end is hell if you don’t wake up and follow him.

As a mum I know that if my children don’t surrender. then that is there end. It all comes down to free will, where was this person’s friends. Guess, the devil knew so why don’t you.

Death is the next step, you choose heaven or hell. If your young and we all were once, living out of home is NOT your key to the freedom you think. Its freedom to live as GOD had intended. So live…



It dawned on me on Sunday, it all comes down to grace.

By his grace, he rescued me, by grace I live.

Everything in my life has come down to his grace for my life and I want to thank him.

For grace strengthens me, grace restores me and grace will set me free.

We do have an awesome GOD

I was remembering after my encounter how he could be everywhere at the same time, I just couldn’t work it out and no one could tell me the answer.

But everyday is a new day, someone said to me last night, I hurt myself again. How are you managing with the pain, isn’t it great you have the man with you.

My response was if I didn’t I would have caved, I am unable to take pain medication so I have to grit my teeth and believe. Its really hard, the only pain I could match it with was child birth, maybe something is being birthed in the spirit.

But I know beyond any doubt that my god is and awesome GOD and if you do not ever experience anything then you can not share your experience with anyone.

And always remember its for a time, you will get the victory. His word does not lie, he took this pain on his body along with everything else, my God this is nothing when I am reminded of that.

Join with me and praise him.

Healing, how to get hold

A wise woman this morning had a revelation about healing.

She told me the devil sits in your heart to steal the healing, you have to believe that you have received it and that it WILL happen, that it is not a lie.

To believe its real, we do have problems with this, our mind tries to establish a logical basis for it to happen.

But turn off the brain and rev up your spirit man, accept the healing now.

For we need to take hold of these things now, time is of the essence.


It wouldn’t matter if you burned every church or every person. You cannot kill faith, for he will live on and on, long after I am gone.

I pray that you know what I mean, that my words go deep inside your soul. He lives and breaths in me right now but if I am gone, then the next will step into my place.

For he lives, he died on that cross for my sin, my sickness, my diseases and all those who come before me and will come after me.

For he is the alpha and the omega, the enemy is hate and all that is bad. My father is all good all wonderful and will never break your trust.

If anything happens to you, don’t run from him, RUN to him. For in him is the only place you can be safe. In history many have layed down there lives for the belief of FAITH and we know there names for its written in the history books.

Many years ago he said the same to me, your name will be written in the history pages. Well here I sit ready for you, I am willing to surrender all to you.

So Lord your word says everything I need, all I have to do is ask. So Lord I ask for what you want me to have beyond my imaginings. Lets show the world together for I will not be silenced. My direction comes from you, and no man is right for they will know the truth when judgement day comes.

So what do you believe the truth as I know it, GOD IS NOT DEAD.

I profess with my mouth

I profess with my mouth that Jesus is my father, he rules and reigns, those who seem to have all the riches and never struggle, have only one end.

Money cannot buy what I have, if you killed me and cut me open you could not find what I have deep within, FAITH. And with faith their is hope, for I believe my father is about to add to me everything he has desired for me to have.

The enemy sometimes lets people go into a place of being comfortable, money or obstacles are never an issue. But why does that happen, because then they will NOT seek there fathers face. They have no need for anything they are comfortable, so they choose to ignore the obvious. The obvious is the enemy wants to stop them, if he has to give to them then he will. For the father will not interfere with free will, and with your marble floors and big house what need do you have for GOD.

You have a bigger need than I do sitting here. Stop being fooled, for GOD is love, in that love you will find a peace a fulfilment greater than any shopping trip.

Again I profess that CHRIST is LORD and he is mine….


Go back, to move forward

I am inspired, so many times people say, why me, why is everything happening to me.

You need to go back a few generations, why does sickness come on children, go back. Why is your life so wrong, go back.

We go to school to learn in history class that what happens today is, what was set up from the past.

I have renounced my forefathers to break the past, for my father has written a manual about the past, to enable me to move forward. I no longer am of the world, I just live in it.

This may seem a completely daft statement but I stand by it, I live by his spirit for my flesh is only a vessel. For my spirit will live on an on with him, my future is written and with that I stand.

I stand to acknowledge that my father died on the cross as a human man for me, then he arose by the spirit and lives forever more.

So live, arise and shine for your light has come…..