Death, what comes to mind

Recently someone too young was found dead. All the friends were whaling with grief, but do you think, doves came down and took them to heaven.

Death is a terrible finality to those left living. But really if you have not done the work and surrender your life to him, as the son of God. Then where do you think you are going????

I believe that if I do not do the right thing, then my end will be hell. Burning and screaming for eternity. Because that is how you live, eternally.

I was asked once if someone’s grandmother was in heaven, I asked this person the question, “do you want me to lie or tell the truth”. Of course she asked for the truth, what is the truth, your end is hell if you don’t wake up and follow him.

As a mum I know that if my children don’t surrender. then that is there end. It all comes down to free will, where was this person’s friends. Guess, the devil knew so why don’t you.

Death is the next step, you choose heaven or hell. If your young and we all were once, living out of home is NOT your key to the freedom you think. Its freedom to live as GOD had intended. So live…



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