Please if you wish, join me & pray

I had a feeling while I was getting ready for today.

My son, who has his head in games. He is so like the old me and self righteous, blunt and stubborn.

I feel he needs us to pray for him, he has a beautiful heart and is so giving. But he needs a push by the father.

So join me and pray,

“Father I come before you as your daughter as your word says, and I believe every word. So I ask father, that my son is brought before you and that he will fulfil the purposes that have been written about him on his scroll. He is of my DNA and I am of yours, so father I ask that his time is now, to hear from you as I did all those years ago. Let him be the next generation of worshippers that fulfil there destiny for you. Let his life be yours and your will be his. I pray in Jesus name.

For I come before the throne of grace and I ask that you have mercy on him, for the time is now, for him to become a man of God. I petition the courts of heaven, to show your presence to him and remind him of the times you have saved his life. For no reasoning can deny your living grace over his life. I bring him before you now and my daughter for there time has come, to step forward for your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

AMEN… thank you father I humble myself as I step back into this world…



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