We do have an awesome GOD

I was remembering after my encounter how he could be everywhere at the same time, I just couldn’t work it out and no one could tell me the answer.

But everyday is a new day, someone said to me last night, I hurt myself again. How are you managing with the pain, isn’t it great you have the man with you.

My response was if I didn’t I would have caved, I am unable to take pain medication so I have to grit my teeth and believe. Its really hard, the only pain I could match it with was child birth, maybe something is being birthed in the spirit.

But I know beyond any doubt that my god is and awesome GOD and if you do not ever experience anything then you can not share your experience with anyone.

And always remember its for a time, you will get the victory. His word does not lie, he took this pain on his body along with everything else, my God this is nothing when I am reminded of that.

Join with me and praise him.


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