Trust me when I say this, life is not about waiting for the storms that come our way to pass, get up and dance for joy, because you need to dance in the rain.

The lesson, your about to learn and the next level you enter, is so joyous, its worth every step.

When I see something, I sometimes don’t understand why people follow as the world dictates. Flip it, see the truth, for it WILL set you free.

Have you not got the King of kings, teaching you.

I look at all the enemy used to crush me, try and kill me are all benefits.

He read my book and he knows what my destiny is, he does not understand how stubborn and strong I am, because of my love for father God, Jesus and the holy spirit.

He will never understand, that when life gives me lemons, I will make lemonade, lemon curd, lemon iced tea, etc etc and cake…

His hurdles are my excitement to jump and learn and to get more and more closer to the Lord.

I AM going to finish the way its written, I AM woman who father God gave life too and I AM going to win every victory there is.

Get empowered by these words, know that when it gets hard, you about to get the win a prize that no one can measure….


How would Jesus behave?

Many times, sheer rudeness baffles me, I was brought up that the different between animals or bogans and us, was manners.

Walking in front of someone, “oh excuse me or sorry”. Bumping someone, “sorry”.

Or just offering a hand, “excuse me, would you like me to grab a basket for you”.

Again what would Jesus do?, walk around with sheer ignorance, hmmm food for thought.

Thinking of someone else, driven by his father, not money or status, again hmmm.

I clean my house, ready for his presence and I do it with gladness, I tell him I love him, why because I do, he is my father, my brother and my friend.

(Someone recently said to me, they saw Jesus putting his hand behind them and greeting them in my driveway) as I said to them, in the word it says that he has no place to lay his head. Well I have two beds he can pick which one, but he is always told by me, that he is welcome anytime, this is his house, I just live in it.

I am the exception to the worlds rule and he will wait for your invite, so invite him in….

Impulse, where did that get ya…

For the last few weeks the Lord has pressed upon me about impulse.

Now, when I was little, you were not given a lot of yes’s, but taught to hold on and appreciate a yes, when it came.

Now, impulse it seems is rife, kids get most of what they want and even adults, flash the credit card and get what they want.

When did living within your means stop, when did, you worked hard for the harvest and then put away for the winter. This comes to money also, you should be able to put some away, so when bills come in you have money to pay them.

We somewhere flipped a switch and go on about our day, like in a haze.

What happened, I believe the enemy came in slowly, think about it. Ads tell us if we don’t have a big house or everything new, or dress our kids in fashion, we somehow are not worth anything.

What the… sorry but let kids be kids, best cloths are for best. Don’t spare the rod to spoil the child. It says it in his word, I don’t want a big house, more to heat and cool, more on the rates, more water and would that really make me happy, hell NO.

So bring back the basics, I love the KISS principle, never hurt me and now I am so very thankful for all the training I have had to endure, because it made a real woman out of me.

I have no desire to spend a fortune on nails or cloths or trying to be someone else, I was born exceptional and I do not have to fit anyone.

Only be his bride and all will fall into place, the way its suppose too.

My daughter as an example, impulse got her inside and locked up. Not so good is it, but the enemy is defeated. No longer will he have any place in my DNA, because my father won the victory for me and her.

While she is in there she has time, to learn to trust the true father, and I say AMEN.

When the going gets tough

I am so very thankful, the enemy has tried to finish me off many times and failed.

What did it do inside deep deep down, it trained me. So when it gets tough, I hunker down and hang on.

I will not step back, I will take each movement closer to him, even if I have to crawl.

Why, because when you know him like I do and know what his word can do.

You get tough, and when the going gets tough, this tough cookie gets going..

It might seem cliche, but its up to you. You can either continue to be a victim of the enemy or flip it and become a survivor.

Who can then use what has been, for those to come across your path. To show by evidential proof that he is real, that by doing what the word says, they can also be survivors, using what has been for good.

To make those in the world know that when they think we may be foolish, we have become wise beyond reasoning.

Be blessed, suns out I am off yahoo.

Trust in what has been done

Trust that Jesus died for us, trust the word and believe, hold tight for the outcome to what you are going through.

It frustrates but also annoys me when I sleep the enemy tries to upset my rest. But awakening this morning, I know the truth. My son has made a choice but most young people I know are self righteous and set in their ways. But I am the mother, I get my say to be heard, not shut down, you need to listen and respect it, whether you agree or not.

Yes the dream include him and a warped way of what is going on, but I know the truth and my life does not stop because of this, it increases because of it. It lays a foundation of development not only in me, but also my son, he must learn the lesson. And I must allow the father to teach him, he always warned me, mum if you say God or Jesus I am going home. My response, BYE, don’t pull that form of blackmail on me, it doesn’t work.

So as I sit here sharing, I trust what has been laid in place, my plan and I wait for the outcome to come, in HIS right season and time.

Remember that today, hold tight and turn it around, see what is trying to be done, to bless you. He will not fail you, trust is the key.

Mothers Day baahumbug

Now I wanted to think Baahumbug for a short time, but I chose to flip the switch.

My son, (my thought was he sucks) he never sent me a msg, but its his loss and I am not going to own it. My daughter being locked up, well that’s another part of my journey (being tested is part of my process).

Anyway, I was driven to do something for my spiritual mum, so the Lord made me think of a breakfast hamper, croissants, crumpets, bacon, eggs, avocado, tomatoes, fancy tea, etc etc. A small gift bag and a plant.

In the giving I found my joy, so on Saturday, I bought myself a pj top and another really nice dusty blue/white stripped top. I got up and decided to have a great day, and I did.

With my children, I keep my eyes on the father, because many years ago a word was given to me, don’t take your eyes off the Lord, whatever comes your way. So I hold tight, when the enemy cannot affect you, he gives up. And as I said before, Lord I trust you with their lives.

So baahumbug to the enemy, you lost again PRAISE THE LORD….


Me too…

What happens when those who have done, ugly things to you may have passed away and your still holding this hurt.

FORGIVENESS is the key, when you hold on, you only hurt yourself and those close to you.

Someone who thinking about it now makes me feel physically sick may be dead, hopefully. See what I am doing, I need to get this off me. I need to heal, so many mistakes have been made by me, because of what has not only happened to me, but also my mother.

This familiar thing keeps tracking generation after generation and you must face it and get it out.

Clean up, clear out and be beautiful for who you are, not the body your in…

Rejection is out

Last night we had a ladies night and something buried came to light.

Rejection, so many times I have felt, they don’t like me or I have done something wrong.

Well I have not, rejection out, Jesus in.

This was my prayer last night, when I was younger I had nobody to stand up for me. Today I have the Lord, there by my side all the way. And when a storm is happening he is still there with me, he will never leave me or forsake me.

Remember who is on your side, then you can never loose. But clean out what comes to the light, remove what holds you back, open the doors to the locked room within.

And finally be free to live the life he has for you…


Married at first OMG

I have been watching married at first sight and its come to the light.

The words, there is no spark etc etc, now I would rather a slow appreciation of the person I am come forward.

I use to have a real hour glass figure, 36, 20, 32 now I have a figure that has lived, it has carried children, and lived a life.

I pray that people know its not about, the needles surgery and everyone seeking perfection mind set.

It is about, respect, honour, lasting love, communication, appreciation.

When did it go wrong, when did we stop hearing what is said, and just listening.

Why do guys think its great to bed a woman, but if they leave them with a child, then a woman is less than. A woman who may be on her own and bring up a child, for circumstances beyond her control should be valued.

When is someone going to say, FLIP the SWITCH. Stand up and say what your thinking when your a decent person. Tell a person like Dean, sorry you did cross the line, you were very wrong and this is why, take ownership and call him on it.

The fact that when the show wraps up, there will be girls eager to cross the line with him. Someone needs to ask, DO YOU KNOW YOUR WORTH. When all things are removed, take sex out of it, what is the value of that person.

Interesting thought don’t you think…