Married at first OMG

I have been watching married at first sight and its come to the light.

The words, there is no spark etc etc, now I would rather a slow appreciation of the person I am come forward.

I use to have a real hour glass figure, 36, 20, 32 now I have a figure that has lived, it has carried children, and lived a life.

I pray that people know its not about, the needles surgery and everyone seeking perfection mind set.

It is about, respect, honour, lasting love, communication, appreciation.

When did it go wrong, when did we stop hearing what is said, and just listening.

Why do guys think its great to bed a woman, but if they leave them with a child, then a woman is less than. A woman who may be on her own and bring up a child, for circumstances beyond her control should be valued.

When is someone going to say, FLIP the SWITCH. Stand up and say what your thinking when your a decent person. Tell a person like Dean, sorry you did cross the line, you were very wrong and this is why, take ownership and call him on it.

The fact that when the show wraps up, there will be girls eager to cross the line with him. Someone needs to ask, DO YOU KNOW YOUR WORTH. When all things are removed, take sex out of it, what is the value of that person.

Interesting thought don’t you think…


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