Trust in what has been done

Trust that Jesus died for us, trust the word and believe, hold tight for the outcome to what you are going through.

It frustrates but also annoys me when I sleep the enemy tries to upset my rest. But awakening this morning, I know the truth. My son has made a choice but most young people I know are self righteous and set in their ways. But I am the mother, I get my say to be heard, not shut down, you need to listen and respect it, whether you agree or not.

Yes the dream include him and a warped way of what is going on, but I know the truth and my life does not stop because of this, it increases because of it. It lays a foundation of development not only in me, but also my son, he must learn the lesson. And I must allow the father to teach him, he always warned me, mum if you say God or Jesus I am going home. My response, BYE, don’t pull that form of blackmail on me, it doesn’t work.

So as I sit here sharing, I trust what has been laid in place, my plan and I wait for the outcome to come, in HIS right season and time.

Remember that today, hold tight and turn it around, see what is trying to be done, to bless you. He will not fail you, trust is the key.


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