Blessing’s are coming my way

I have a print off, what was said a long time ago, “I decree that something great is about to happen to me.”

And “I am the EXCEPTION, not the rule” these I see every day when I wake up. And its effect is taking place, I felt it so real today.

So I say to you, blessings are coming my way. Say this to yourself, he will give these to you at the best time.

Just rest in the knowledge of this and even though its really cold, 9 degrees at the moment.

OMG bring on spring, even though tomorrow is the first day of winter, I am calling it in. LOL

Thank you father, for loving me even when I don’t feel I deserve it, but you know my heart is yours, I trust you with my plan and I did agree with what you said as I formed in my mothers womb. I now trust that I was meant to be hear at this time on this day.

Thank you for all you have done, everything you have given to me and for knowing you can trust me to be your steward…


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