Mothers Day baahumbug

Now I wanted to think Baahumbug for a short time, but I chose to flip the switch.

My son, (my thought was he sucks) he never sent me a msg, but its his loss and I am not going to own it. My daughter being locked up, well that’s another part of my journey (being tested is part of my process).

Anyway, I was driven to do something for my spiritual mum, so the Lord made me think of a breakfast hamper, croissants, crumpets, bacon, eggs, avocado, tomatoes, fancy tea, etc etc. A small gift bag and a plant.

In the giving I found my joy, so on Saturday, I bought myself a pj top and another really nice dusty blue/white stripped top. I got up and decided to have a great day, and I did.

With my children, I keep my eyes on the father, because many years ago a word was given to me, don’t take your eyes off the Lord, whatever comes your way. So I hold tight, when the enemy cannot affect you, he gives up. And as I said before, Lord I trust you with their lives.

So baahumbug to the enemy, you lost again PRAISE THE LORD….



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