Stand on his word

I am standing on the word he said to me, “I will always look after you”.

The Lord is my rock and fortress.

The Lord is my help and shield.

Nothing is impossible, the Lord makes the impossible, possible.

I have the favour of God, it surrounds me, goes before me and in that time of need, will come my way.

No good man will be without a wife (ME).

If the thief be found he must return 7 fold, this is my aim for 2014.

Find your word and stand on it daily.


One thing I know

There is one thing that I am certain of, you move forward when your broken and surrender.

When you apologise for messing up and are willing to lick your wounds and start again.

Only good can come from this, it is certain. Like the sun will rise in the morning and there will be night in the evening.

Forgive at this time of year, if that is what you need to do, sometimes the biggest person to forgive is YOU.

You are bigger person for doing this than you know, glory be to my father who is my rock.


Sometimes you just have to say sorry and repent for where you have gone wrong.

I did this very morning, I knew I was going wrong and had to finally pull myself up.

I have sought forgiveness and asked for his help.

If you need to say sorry, please do. You can only grow and move forward, another lesson learnt today.

I had to cry out to my father, I know I need him more than ever.

I feel inspired

Today is an amazing day, can’t you just feel it.

I think I may get out the brushes and canvas, to let him lead me to the finish line.

He is capable of transforming a white board, with an amazing result.

You never know what I might get up too. But I am willing, to let the process happen.

Get inspired and enjoy this time of year, think of it this way, out with the old and in with the NEW.

Sending kisses to heaven and who ever needs it.

What he can manage in 2 days

I have been reading snippets of the bible, what amazes me is what can be done in 2 days.

Think about it, sometimes We Waste So Much Time, don’t you think so?

What lead me to this was not only the great work he has done, but in the last two days. Two people I have told them about him, about my testimony, why I love him so very much.

I said to someone today that 2014 has already begun for me, when you start thinking about it by the first week of December you have almost cancelled out the rest.

Your main goal is not to explode and get through, past all the parties. Then the year has begun, so I believe with me today is the first of the year, my life is about to transform again and I am so happy about that.

Joy to all and to all a good night….LOL

What do you think about money???

Yes you must have it, to pay for things.

My view is what has more value, HIM.

Money is a necessity, he is an all-consuming fire in me.

Money can’t buy you love, it cannot buy you. Money pays for things, but your heart is a treasure that has to be earn’t, it’s a priceless jewel.

Guard it with everything and give it to the one who deserves it the most, at this time.

The Lord has my whole heart, what beauty that fills me with.

My Christmas Wish

I was thinking about all the things that are advertised, that they try to shove done your neck that you need…

Really, I need HIM, my father, my Christmas wish is that everyone thinks of someone else and shares the love. Think of others this time of year, you will get more than you give.

If I had a choice one thing I want, to be employed locally. He knows the job I want, but if he has something else then ok, that’s fine.

But my wish is for others, just being with the people you love and sharing a meal is a gift. If you don’t think of them any other time than their birthday or anniversary, shame (my view).

It’s a shame because your missing an opportunity, everyday is not just another mundane day. It’s Another Day, its your opportunity to add to the blessings and do his work.

I may be the only one, but get excited please.

And laugh, fake it till you make it.

In his presence

There is a song and part of it is, “In your presence, you and I become one”.

Have you ever been so stiff-necked or rigid that it has affected you medically?

I learned something today, I went to get professional financial help. I need to be employed, full-time, so if you feel the need add me to your prayers.

The reason I am here is because of myself, any of this sound familiar. I surrender, I cannot do it by myself, I know I need my father in my life and finances. Yes I was told how good I have done, but I needed a chat.

But his presence came into the room with me, even the person I went into visit noticed. And God knew he needed me, where ever I walk, he is with me, In His Presence, he and I are one.

You can’t beat that, let his presence be with you today.