In his presence

There is a song and part of it is, “In your presence, you and I become one”.

Have you ever been so stiff-necked or rigid that it has affected you medically?

I learned something today, I went to get professional financial help. I need to be employed, full-time, so if you feel the need add me to your prayers.

The reason I am here is because of myself, any of this sound familiar. I surrender, I cannot do it by myself, I know I need my father in my life and finances. Yes I was told how good I have done, but I needed a chat.

But his presence came into the room with me, even the person I went into visit noticed. And God knew he needed me, where ever I walk, he is with me, In His Presence, he and I are one.

You can’t beat that, let his presence be with you today.


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