My Christmas Wish

I was thinking about all the things that are advertised, that they try to shove done your neck that you need…

Really, I need HIM, my father, my Christmas wish is that everyone thinks of someone else and shares the love. Think of others this time of year, you will get more than you give.

If I had a choice one thing I want, to be employed locally. He knows the job I want, but if he has something else then ok, that’s fine.

But my wish is for others, just being with the people you love and sharing a meal is a gift. If you don’t think of them any other time than their birthday or anniversary, shame (my view).

It’s a shame because your missing an opportunity, everyday is not just another mundane day. It’s Another Day, its your opportunity to add to the blessings and do his work.

I may be the only one, but get excited please.

And laugh, fake it till you make it.


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