What he can manage in 2 days

I have been reading snippets of the bible, what amazes me is what can be done in 2 days.

Think about it, sometimes We Waste So Much Time, don’t you think so?

What lead me to this was not only the great work he has done, but in the last two days. Two people I have told them about him, about my testimony, why I love him so very much.

I said to someone today that 2014 has already begun for me, when you start thinking about it by the first week of December you have almost cancelled out the rest.

Your main goal is not to explode and get through, past all the parties. Then the year has begun, so I believe with me today is the first of the year, my life is about to transform again and I am so happy about that.

Joy to all and to all a good night….LOL


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