How do we feed, today

Today, we feed by views online, by reading someones blog, and quickly loose interest in what is in front of us.

We feed, because we see things with our eye gate and it sinks in to our way of thinking, and we start to believe a lie, that we need it now.

Eating crap, because our lives are so busy, or the sugar and chemicals, train our taste buds to want more and more, crap.

Since I moved closer to the city, I have eaten fresh chicken once. I have eaten fast food and thought YUK, why because it does not satisfy, the craving I have.

I know how to make a tasty, chicken twister at home, its cheaper healthier and satisfies me.

I think because having a lap band that has caused all sorts of problems, trying to fix my initial re flux problem. I know what nourishment can do, through food and through prayer food.

When I was pregnant with my son and daughter my main aim was to nourish what they needed, especially my daughter, why because I had to have my gallbladder out, the doctors were alarmed, telling me that I could loose the baby, they could loose me or both.

I knew regardless of what I liked, I had to feed my body the best I could, to help her grow and it worked, the food of faith and belief also fed her, my son and myself.

That burger, is not convenient to your nourishment. One made at home, controlled by your hand, is of more value to you, I always like content and not including the bun.

That pizza has been brutalised, then marketed to make you believe how awesome it is and you have to have one.

I make a dough with my spelt flour, nice and thin and I control the toppings, I have it once in maybe 6 years. I make rissoles, which is more veggie than meat, because I know, it is better for me and it tastes better.

In Australia, we don’t buy meat injected with hormones or fed on grains, I want grass fed, I watch American shows and they have to put so much seasoning, I always think to myself why, is the real taste so bad, you need to have less sugar and salt as the doctors tell you.

Fat, comes in many forms, some is good, some very bad, but too much and eating huge portions is nuts to me. I have one meal a day, currently, why my stomach feels like I have eaten leggo pieces, it hurts, so I limit the content for now.

I know since having so many blood tests and required procedures, it has heightened my need to feed ME. I am not over the top as I can only consume certain things, so my allergies keep calm.

But what this time has done, has made me very aware of what I am eating…

You can eat bad food, you can consume bad thinking, you can consume the negative, you can feed on faith or starve, but what does your body need.

I was always told my body, its like an engine, leave the oil out it will explode, put bad petrol in it will cough splutter and eventually die. You must look after your engine, your body, your mind, your spirit and most importantly your faith.

I read things and watch, but I make sure, I know the food I will accept and what I will not. I allow the wisdom of his knowledge to lead me to his best restaurant, so I can eat.

My food comes in many forms, in comes in many ways and it also comes via my little spot in the backyard.

As my body speaks, I listen and know I have to feed it to survive, this message can be for your life, for your eternal life.

Keep watch on exposure to chemicals, that new car smell is toxic over time is one example, as it comes in many ways, to kill, steal and destroy.

Sharing a bit of wisdom that time has taught me.


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