When he shows you, its time to get serious

Many gifts have been a blessing to me, yes some have scared the pants off me.

But, you have to be scared sometimes, to your very core, to jolt you to make the changes required.

As I get older, I know the time comes when we all will leave to go home, please father allow me to be in heaven.

But sometimes the homes we think were going too, is not what we expect, being shown the video I last spoke of last post, has changed me.

Seeing this man, go from an atheist, to a full on, no holes bared believer and experiencer is how grace shines through the darkness.

This man, who was heading for the bad, was saved, because all the way, seeing what he saw, he spoke two words over and over.

JESUS CHRIST and Jesus came, and saved him.

Those words allowed him, to be saved, both for his eternal life and his real life, as he survived to tell those who needed to hear.

Many witnesses like this, never are heard in the mainstream of the electronic world, but it sits, waiting for you. Waiting for the father to give you keys to know, what you have asked the answer too.

And that is the real blessing, grace.. love and time.


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