Something was shown to me yesterday and it fits

I have been trying to work out something, that has had a very negative affect on me.

I saw someone who tries to make out they are a saint, standing outside a coffee house, but I know all the bad that has been done and it has really affected me over the years.

It has bugged me because, they set up their own brother to be hurt, the whole town hated them, and tried to control me, manipulate, now has hooks into my children, the countless victims is immense.

I kept wondering how, especially when others don’t know, and thinking, just how my mother hated, in her words (the bullxxxt and lies that come out of their mouth).

And, really being upset and feeling so unwell the Lord showed me, I was watching a YouTube clip of an atheist, he had parents that were Christians and others that believed, he became unwell died and when he left his body, he saw many layers, many things and even Hitler paying the price for every death he caused.

One experience that struck me and gave me the answer was this, a women who outwardly in her life, seemed a saint, lovely women always dressed lovely, even part of the PTA, her life seemed perfect, but she was controlling, held those around her back so she was the most important, manipulative narcissist, violent with those around her, her children and controlled those in the way of the description, Stockholm syndrome.

She was in hell, paying the price for all her wrongs, the damage she had inflicted on others and I saw the mirror image of what I have had to deal with, with that individual and I was scared for them, yes people who do not believe think there is no eternal life, but there is and I see her headed straight for it, even when she has even used God to seem perfect.

As I have said before, (YES, I AM NOT PERFECT EITHER), but I have repented, surrendered and handed all over for what I have done, I have been cleansed by the blood of Jesus and apologised to those close.

Oh, I stood and prayed for family members, I see it now, I see narcissism, Stockholm syndrome and believe me when your around this person, who sets you up to fail and even doubt your own sanity. It is frightening as having this experience yourself, and knowing that if my life is not right where am I going for eternity. Made me cry out for them to come to the realisation, because of the experiences I have had.

I have seem my mum in heaven, getting instructions and she told me to go back. I saw my brother, sitting in a room with wooden walls, first off I thought and felt my heart think family, then wham, something is not right and kept screaming at him saying, “what are you doing here, GET OUT, GET OUT”. The enemy can show you in any form, to make you not see the mask that is being worn, you must get your life right, NOW.

Again as this man was speaking he said, “Hell will make you think, it all lovely and full of love, but your very core knows its not what it seems”. I think having severe sleep apnea, has allowed me to see things, when I am at my worst in sleep. I knew what I saw was not right, and being so sick, even felt the enemy trying to steer me in his direction, but I am not allowing it.

Let me be frank, being really sick and having green come out has caused weird thing to happen in my body, even affecting my driving ability, especially when I have a migraine as well. But I know, it has to pass and I have to rest, but I keep my father in mind, and not to allow the enemy to win.

But I am also thankful, because these times of quiet has allowed the father to show me, the truth and that has been both frightening, and know I am loved.

But if that person, your name beings with S, reads this truth, you need to know, I have prayed for you, but as the man experienced, when you are before Jesus at the time of JUDGEMENT, you cannot lie and manipulate your way around it, you will head for the same suffering in eternity of hell for what you have done, to me, my children, to mum, your brother and many, many more.

This is YOUR CHANCE, to stop this and get on your knees, cry out for your salvation… do it now, this is your final warning.

All I feel now, knowing this truth is sadness for them, no longer is the hold, holding me anymore.

Thank you father, for showing me the truth, as it is…


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