I see things aligning

I have watched many things lately, sitting or lying down and thinking.

But, one thing it has given me is time with the father, time to connect better spiritually.

Sometimes I watch shows and see actors, then think, do they not see the path of fame has brought on their end.

What do I mean, well something I have seen is, they act a certain part as young actors, but not knowing the father, they are mesmerized with money and fame.

Why is their life, so small, they need outside recognition.

But, this is what I see, when they get sick, it is reported about there condition and struggles. But what I see is the affect of there life’s course and the affect on those watching, what has steered them of course, thinking its acceptable behavior.

If you affect many people and many generations, do you think you get off Scott free?

I see their condition as affect from that, it is not ok to be married and kiss someone else or do a sex scene, because its just your job. It is not ok, for any affect of those strangers you don’t know, because of your belief that your job is acceptable, money and fame will not heal you or save you.

He has set a knowing in me, that what you reap, you sow.

So, when money cannot do the job, where are you, what have you set ahead for yourself, because the world tell you the biggest lie.

Take your knee and bow, repent, humble yourself before him, because nothing other than HE, can save you now.

Actors going to church, but their church condones it, I always think this, if Jesus stood before you, at the point where he was beaten beyond human endurance and you saw, your sins, the rape, the murder, the disease etc etc on him.

WHAT WOULD it do TO YOU, I watched the passion and ended up on the floor, whaling because the understanding that choices I had made, had caused him any pain, filled me with sheer sorrow and ask for him to forgive me for not knowing, then what I know now.

Things are aligning, more and more the world goes out of whack and countries try to overcome and control people.

But I ask you this, if in hell, where your going for eternity, for every sin you have done towards another, you will I believe strongly, pay for the rest of your life, over and over and over again.

So, what price is your life right now… can you really, cover the the COST.

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