Can you see in the spirit…

What a tremendous gift, this has been since the person, left this earth.

It is like when my mum passed, I saw her in heaven, in a white gown getting her daily instruction.

But when its greater, everything is greater…

I saw this person dancing, I saw jewels of different colours and the joy, was limitless.

Like the song by Hillsong, Oceans, “you take me out upon the waters” every time this song is played. I am in the spirit, I am by the waters, that have access to him. I stand on rubies, sapphires, emeralds, all in the water, instead of stones, its jewels. I am always overcome, because of the sheer power and love, all that I feel at that time, trusted with access to him.

So when I take the moment and see the person happy, no cares, no emotion, but sheer joy, that gives me a great big hug from the father.

So, how do you see into the spirit, stop trying to force it, build a relationship, build love, build on those two streams.

It is something that has stuck with me from a child, seeing a family of takers (my spirit felt the pain) and I thought, give and take, but give and receive is better than that. If you need to unburden, then what can you do in return, be available, when your required, put time first and self last.


He has seen how much I love and trust him, he knows what I am willing to do, when he calls. That is how you build, little by little, his love is never ending and he wants you, to put self down, wealth down, immaturity down and grow into HIS plan.

I believe so strongly, that because of the way, I have accepted him, that he will use me to do amazing things in his name, by using the vessel, I have surrendered to him.

Give yourself all over and watch things take place, you will be used, raise your hands and praise him, let nothing stop you and count it all joy…


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