Two streams, two ways for flow

On Saturday and Sunday, I try to take the time, once I wake up, to get up, make a cup of tea and go back and sit.

I sit up in bed to keep warm, but also to say good morning.

Good morning Yahweh, etc etc and good morning to the seven spirits all the rest and even those, most forget.

Why, because I believe they require my acknowledgement, I am not putting myself first, I am going to make the time, to spend in acknowledging all that are able and willing to work for the father.

I say, Romans 12 v1, I, me, present myself as a sacrifice to him. Why, because it not only says it, but it is my job to do it, nothing is more valuable, than that.

I love a small act of kindness, last week as a lady was entering, I was exciting a shop. We made a laughable comment, but as I put my hand on her back and gave it a little rub, I felt her presence.

That little action, builds in you something, that others would not be aware of…

These things do not make me more than anyone else, but every action of kindness and good, is like Jesus offering comfort to the lost.

I will keep on saying it, don’t work the worlds way, give his way, by his laws and things will change in your life, it is truly awesome, the awareness you come into. Times when I have sat, thinking what would Jesus do here, what would he say, you move into a presence, I cannot attach words too.

So again TRUST him, give him all you have and flip that switch, let him have full access and be blessed.


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