How honest are your conversations?

How polite do you have to be, to then realize, you lied to save…

Think about it, I have to be totally honest, I cannot respond to someone, unless I speak the truth.

Why, because truth will set you free, I don’t get hung up on things, some take offense or think I may be harsh.

But, if its done with love, and when people realize, it comes down to the word, maturity, everything makes sense.

Because, many cannot take it, because they haven’t matured and there are many levels to work on.

Family fights, disputes at work etc etc, all come down to the level of maturity of each person, well I say this, if the father wants you off the dummy, off the bottled milk and toilet trained. Then YOU MUST MATURE, and understand the way, he sees it, then you grow beyond measure and learn just how amazing, he is and truly who he wants you to be.

So, I will continue my posts, I will continue to answer honestly and as I use to always say, if you don’t like the answer, don’t ask the question.

I have taken a life time to get here, I treasure the process I have come through, even the times I felt like I might be hanging on by my fingernails, with all that, I will keep posting and I thank you for the comments, I hope the words and lessons that I have learned, touch your heart, so you can live the life, as his child, completing your mandate.


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