How little we truly understand…

I reflect and as the father reveals things to me, I keep seeing how little we truly understand.

We think we know a lot as we live in the world, but the reality is, we know very little.

I know, we only get told what we need too by those in power, and this is something we all need to realise.

I see things so clear, it stuns me when others don’t, you may have seen on the news about China doing a deals with places very close to Australia.

Now a prophet in the 1500’s had a warning, and many didn’t believe, I believe the father has been trying to warn us for many many years, the third war was predicted to come from China.

And if a country buys you, all you need and you do deals, who are you really shaking hands with?

So, what I see is this, who has your security information, who is buying up your land, who has access to making weapons, one country, I see the Russian president as a pawn, I see many nations as pawns to a inevitable end.

If we get rid of cash, how simple would it be to steal from us.

So, what are you doing NOW, I remember hearing how, we would have a time coming, to make a choice, we either renounce the father or have our heads lopped off. Well, I will loose it, because I see it coming, I see a time, because this country need more land, they have this uncontrollable need for power over people.

When they have eaten everything, polluted everything, destroyed all. They will have nothing to have power over and that if the truth I see, for when we go, we will have those years with him, when he takes it back to how it was, when it began, so his chosen can start again and do it right…

That is why, I only take what I need, not what I want..


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