I call upon prayer, Dunamis power of God

We need urgent prayer, NOW.

Our pastors are under attack, join with me, the Dunamis power of God to heal both of them.

They are tapping into things and the enemy does not like it, so he is trying to take them out.

We’ll lets show him, who is the BOSS.

Father, we join in prayer, that the enemy gets his hands off our Pastors, that the angel goes into the body parts room and takes what is required to heal both of them. It is time for the prayer warriors to stand together, to affect change and you do miracles, I know and I believe, so father, step in and make him step out, NOW in Jesus name.

As I come before the portable courts of heaven to request this on their behalf, all those reading this join together and you say when two are gather, YOU MUST ACT. Its time for our power, that you have put within us to stand for them, NOW.



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