I love chocolate… I know the best, the bitter and the sweet

We have a brand called OLD GOLD, its a dark chocolate as the milk in other gives me pain and xxxx.

So, I found Old Gold with orange, YUM but now they stopped making it.

When you have allergies, your limited and when you find something, your ecstatic, so when they take it away all you think is, I need to buy every single one… but not an option.

I am not as bad as I use to be, but something is wonderful, when you can sleep so soundly and feel happy, that every bit is just yummy to your soul.

Its colour and depth is something I love, because it reminds me, that its colour is important, but people I see us as all the same, because I see how my father sees. We live on the same planet, our uniqueness is our personality and love of him, that’s were we are the same, love.

I am unique, but part of him, so I am the same, just a different part.

So when it comes to colour’s of chocolate, whether dark, semi dark, milk, white or ruby. The lord sees me, he sees what is important, my heart and the love that I have for him.

A love, beyond chocolate…


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