Now the reason for this heading is this, I am when it comes to him…

Today I was at the chemist with a friend, we were getting the specials and I needed my liquid soap.

I pointed it out to my friend and said to her, see the brand one is $20 and mine is $3.39 and it is better and gave the example, same as when you have a Mercedes or BMW your paying for the brand name, not how it works for you.

A lady piped in and said, “you must be very rich”. I replied with, “no just smart”, then I said to my friend, “I should have said, YES, because I am rich in spirit”.

Being rich is not about finance or how your presented, its about YOU, if I am rich in spirit and have riches with my father, then why am I not considered so.

It is all about how you view it, I AM RICH, but I am also logical, practical and smarter than most of the world because of my relationship with my dad.

I am buzzing today, something is happening, something big…


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